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Glass Pear

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Glass Pear

Sculptural glass pear, handmade in Auckland, New Zealand by artist Devyn Ormsby. Individually cast from a true to size winter pear into a solid, crystal glass form.

The elegant pear shape catches and reflects light along its rounded contours. The unique properties of high quality crystal glass make it glow. Her range of iconic colours make for a statement piece individually, as a duo or as part of a set. 

Created following the ancient method of lost wax casting. Devyn sees each pear through many stages to achieve the finished fruit. Adding her signature and year it was made as the final touch.

With this in mind and due to the hand made nature, slight imperfections may occur. Such as variety in texture, glass and size.


Pears made from Crystal Glass

Approximate dimensions - width 55mm x height 90mm

Please note that these items are handmade and small imperfections and variations in colour may occur.